T-Pain: 'Quincy Jones has apologised over P.Y.T. criticisms'

T-Pain has ended his feud with Quincy Jones after the legendary producer took aim at the hip hop star in a magazine article earlier this year (18).

The music mogul blasted a host of stars, like the Beatles, Michael Jackson, and Cyndi Lauper in a candid interview he gave to Vulture in February (18), and he also attacked T-Pain for the work he did on 2010 album Soul Bossa Nostra, which featured artists reinterpreting some of Quincy's classic tracks.

The rapper teamed up with Robin Thicke for a reworked version of Michael Jackson's P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing), and Jones made it clear he wasn't impressed with the results.

"I said to them, 'Look, you got to make the music better than we did on the originals'. That didn't happen," he groused. "T-Pain, man, he didn't pay attention to the details."

T-Pain responded to the criticism on Twitter, explaining he didn't really want to cover the song, but his former managers made him do it - and that he wasn't happy with the finished product either.

However, he has since cleared the air with the 85 year old and reveals Jones has apologised for his comments.

"He actually did reach out to me immediately after that (interview) came out and he just explained to me that he's just old," T-Pain told U.S. late night show Watch What Happens Live! on Sunday (21Oct18). "He said, 'Look man sometimes I just get in my age and I just babble on about what I know,' and so I accepted his apology. I never lost any respect for him, I just didn't know why he went like that with it. I would have liked to know while I was doing it that it was whack (bad)..."

Jones has also apologised to Paul McCartney after taking aim at him and the Fab Four in the interview, calling them "no-playing motherf**kers".

"He rang me, and I'm at home on my own," McCartney recently told GQ magazine. "And I'd finished work, so I had a drink, and now I'm grooving at home, I'm cooking, I've got a little bit of wine going, I'm in a good mood, and I don't give a s**t. So I get a phone call, 'Is this Mr. McCartney?' 'Yes'. 'Quincy would like to speak with you...'"

"I said, 'Hey, Quince!' 'Paul, how you doing, man?' 'I'm doing great - how are you, you motherf**ker!' I'm just jiving with him...' 'Paul, I didn't really say that thing - I don't know what happened, man. I never said that. You know I love you guys!' I said, 'If you had said that, you know what I would have said? F**k you, Quincy Jones!' And he laughed... So actually we just had a laugh."

The former Beatles star added, "He's a crazy motherf**ker. But I respect him, he's done a lot of very good things."

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