Busy Kacey Musgraves has seen her husband twice in two months

Kacey Musgraves' busy schedule is taking a big hit on her marriage - she has seen her husband twice in the last two months.

The Follow Your Arrow singer wed fellow musician Ruston Kelly in October, 2017, but life on the road is keeping the couple apart.

Musgraves was dateless at the CMA Awards in Nashville, Tennessee on Wednesday night (14Nov18) and confessed she was missing her husband in her Album of the Year acceptance speech.

And prior to the big show, Kacey told Entertainment Tonight she can't wait to spend a little quality time with her man.

"I have seen my husband two times within two months, basically," she said. "It's all good. We will get a chance to slow down (soon) and I'll get to see my family and just hang and wear sweats and no makeup, and that's what I like doing."

But the time apart hasn't done anything to kill Kacey's feelings for her husband: "I mean, the whole record is about him," she said of Golden Hour, her new Album of the Year. "He inspired this entire album and the second that I met him, my world just opened up, and I feel like I bloomed in a lot of ways.

"I kind of had this metamorphosis of self, and I thank him a lot for that, and I look up to him a lot as a creator too. He's got a brilliant record, Dying Star, that just came out."

Musgraves is hoping to settle down in 2019 now the couple has finished building a house in Nashville, and she admits starting a family is rising up her priority list.

"I'm really into it, and we really do want to take that step at some point," she smiled. "He wants to tour and do his thing and get his album out. You know, I want to make another record, and I don't know, we'll see... Time's ticking I guess, so they say."

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