Rita Ora left terrified by finding stalker on doorstep

Rita Ora was left terrified after a stalker turned up at her house demanding to move in with her.

The R.I.P. hitmaker, who was left shaken after her house was raided by a burglar in 2015, has revealed she had to deal with an obsessed fan who believed they were an item.

"I had a situation where I had a stalker turn up at my house and he left a suitcase outside of my door," she told Britain's Daily Star newspaper. "He was convinced I had asked him to move in with him and I had never spoken to him before and that was a bit freaky. That was a bit scary."

Rita has previously spoken of how she feared for her safety when a thief broke into the north-west London home she shared with sister Elena while they were asleep and made off with $255,000 (£200,000) worth of her possessions, including jewellery, iPhones, computers and a designer handbag.

"It still affects me, even today, going to sleep and things like that because just knowing that there was a stranger in your home is never really a nice feeling," the 28-year-old musician told The Sun last year (17). "It was awful and you're in a home that you've made yourself that you now know isn't safe, so I've definitely upped my security about 200 per cent."

The burglar, Charaf El Moudden, was jailed for five years in 2016. Giving evidence at his trial the popstar revealed how she had been woken by her sister's screams and threatened to kill the intruder in a frantic call to police.

Rita, who has been romantically linked to British actor Andrew Garfield, recently bought a new pad for $4.15 million (£3.25 million), a luxury penthouse near the Beckhams' home in celeb-filled west London.

The singer, who has previously dated Bruno Mars and Calvin Harris, blames her failure to settle down on her difficulty with trusting people, telling the Star: "I'm really scared of getting hurt, and I just sometimes don't let go."

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